Central Coast Rammed Earth

Equipment Rental

Rammed Earth Solutions Pty Ltd can offer equipment rental for builders or D.I.Y enthusiasts. From as little as $330 per day, equipment can be hired to construct your own rammed earth walls.
Equipment available for hire includes:

  • Formwork
  • Steel reinforcing (for formwork) up to 3m high
  • Air compressor (petrol powered - trailer mounted)
  • Air hoses
  • Pneumatic rammer
  • Other pneumatic tools
  • Mobile scaffold
  • Miscellaneous tools and consumable items (conduit, bolts, booker rod, etc)

All equipment comes loaded on a dual axle trailer which is quick and easy to unload.
Rammed Earth Solutions Pty Ltd recommend employing our services to instruct on the erection and use of all rammed earth equipment. We can also consult on appropriate materials and additives. Call us for a free quote and to check the availability for the hire of any of the above items.